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The 411 on Fundraising

Let’s Talk online stores for fundraising! Here at Field Day USA I am in charge of the online stores and since the pandemic started we have seen a huge up tick in our online store fundraiser websites. (And raised a lot of money for various organizations).

“How much does it cost?” is always the first question customers ask me (with a sarcastic tone). Here’s the great news! Unlike some of the “cloth” websites out there we set you up for success from the get go! If we both aren’t making money, it’s not working right! I want you to be very successful. Below I will give you a general breakdown of how our online stores work and the types of online stores we have had success with in the last year.

First things first- like any order we need to pick product(s) and get designs completed. For ease sake let’s pretend this example is for a Field Day Shirt fundraiser and it’s just 1 design.

👉 You pick FD2101 and you want to offer all 12 shirt colors. (We can specify on the site 1st grade gets red, 2nd grade gets yellow, and so on).

💵 So what are the charges? Our shirts start at $5.99/each. For the online store option we charge a flat $1 fee for each item sold online. So if you sell 100 items we charge $100. That helps us cover the fees associated with each individual transaction through PayPal. This puts your shirt at $6.99/each.

So we sell 100 shirts, but now what?

1) We bulk ship you the shirts with a copy of each person’s order in the box. (This is included in your $1 fee). You distribute like normal at the school.


2) We separate the orders and individually bag them for you and ship to you to distribute at the school. (This is an additional $1 per shirt. Making your total cost $7.99). -OR- We can also drop ship the shirts for you (that’s included in the $2 fee). Your customer / students would just pay the shipping charge through our website. That’s a flat $4 fee per shipment. Either way this is included in the $2 fee.

So let’s get to the good stuff.. how much money will you really make? That’s totally up to you! Most fundraisers like to make around $10 per item sold. So in this scenario we would offer the shirts at $18.00/each profiting you $10 per item. As soon as the store closes out and we process the money, we will mail you a profits check! It’s really that easy.

What if we aren’t having Field Day this year?

-That’s no problem! This option is great for Class Shirts, Senior packages, Spirit Wear, 5K races, awareness fundraisers, and more. We had a local Pizza Restaurant catch fire, and we sold over 2,000 shirts to help raise money to keep their employees paid. Their total profits were just over 🚨 $20,000! There are really no limitations as to what these fundraisers can be used for.

Still uncertain if it’s right for you? No problem! Feel free to shoot me an email: or a text: 770-546-7293. I’m always on the clock (unless I’m sleeping and then I won’t respond ha).

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