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Socially Distance Field Day Games

We all know that everything about schools has changed since 2020.

Many of you left school in March of 2020 and have yet to return.

You’ve adapted, you’ve learned new skills and tools. Your students have grown, changed, and adapted to all things virtual.

Our hope is that as every day passes we are closer to the return of complete normalcy…Closer to our students enjoying lunch together, closer to mask free smiles, and ultimately closer to having the BEST FIELD DAY EVER!

As we continue through the 2020-2021 school year we all know that we must proceed with caution. Our goal here is to help inspire you with some game ideas to make the most of your 2021 Field Day.

Here are a few simple steps:

1. Ensure that all of your activities are happening outside

2. Spread out in the biggest area possible

3. Compete within classes that already spend most of their day together

4. Select games that don’t require shared materials

Below are our top four picks for COVID friendly games

1. Water Balloon Towel Catch

You’ll need a towel for every two players and a supply of filled water balloons. Divide players into teams of four, with every two players getting a towel. Have one pair of players use their towel to launch a water balloon in the air. The other pair of players must run and catch the water balloon with their towel. The team to catch the most balloons without breaking them wins.

2. Spoon Zoom

This simple relay requires each member of a relay team to carry a spoon to a set destination, and then carry it back to the team. The catch is that students must carry in the spoon some object -- such as a nickel, a cotton ball, or an egg -- without dropping it! If the contents drop out of the spoon, the student must stop, pick it up, put it back in the spoon immediately (before taking another step), and then continue. The first team to finish is the winning team.

3. Group Dance Party

Spread out your group for a major outdoor dance party. Group dances are always a blast crank up some tunes like the Cha Cha Slide and The Cupid Shuffle and teach your students some new moves!

4. Potato Sack Relay

This one is simple! Line up all of the kids in burlap sacks or even old pillow cases—at the signal the student will hop to the finish line! In our books—first three to the finish line win.

Field Day 2021 can very possibly be The Best Field Day Ever!

Let’s keep this real—by advising you on field day games and settings we are in no way saying that having Field Day is safe for your community or that these games will keep you and your students safe. Field Day USA is not responsible for any illness or injuries and these helpful tips are not verified by medical practitioners. Please work with your local school board to determine the best plan for your 2021 field day.

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