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Give Class Shirts A Try

Class Shirts. One of my favorite things when I was in school (especially as a 5th grader)...

Getting to sign my name in that template and getting a shirt back a few weeks later with my own handwriting on it. That was the coolest thing as a kid! It was even more cool because my parents owned the shirt company and I got to see the screens made and watch the shirts print!

It’s one thing that hasn’t ever gone out of style in the shirt business.

In fact with the 2020 pandemic we actually saw an increase in Class T-Shirt orders.

Since Field Day events were cancelled, as well as graduations, honor programs, and dances- parents yearned more than ever to do something special for their kids and that was Class shirts. We even started seeing an increased demand in class shirt + yard sign combos all across the country.

With virtual learning still in place in 2021 many teachers have reached out asking how we can quickly get class shirt templates filled out so the kids can still have shirts. The fast answer is— probably not going to happen fast for the kids to all sign the template, but if we can get a typed list of your kids names (first and last) we can simply copy and paste them into the template so that everyone can be included. This also makes a great fundraiser opportunity on our online store platform.

Let us do the work for your Class shirt orders this year while you juggle teaching in the midst of a pandemic.

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